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OnQ Solutions

Vision Statement: To be a first-choice solutions provider in the specialized field of corporate governance, risk management and financial consultancy

Mission Statement: To bring to bear professional knowledge, a wealth of experience and commercial acumen in providing practical, balanced and results-oriented solutions to business enterprises in the introduction and implementation of corporate governance practices, enterprise risk management (ERM) protocols and financial gearing structures.

Key Strategies:
  1. In the field of corporate governance to: Link up with Boards of Directors of companies, large or SME, to:
    • advise the members of the board and;
    • to train operations staff on the policies, processes and practices of good corporate governance
  2. In the field of risk management to: Develop and implement risk management architecture, strategies, and protocols for:
    • identifying the upside of risk and profiting from opportunities arising
    • loss prevention, damage limitation, cost containment and business continuity and;
    • ensuring compliance, providing assurance, improving decision-making and boosting the efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy of operations, processes and methods
  3. In the field of financial consultancy: Advise entrepreneurs on the setting-up of business enterprises and managing money, be it budgeting and forecasting, investment planning, capital leveraging or liquidity control.
Business Values:
  • Act solely and selflessly in the public interest
  • Conduct business with honesty, integrity and dignity
  • Make choices on merit with objectivity and independence
  • Be accountable, within the law and above scrutiny
  • Be open, transparent and fair in every decision and action taken
  • Exercise diligence, thoroughness and competence
  • Maintain, preserve and use information as private and confidential
  • Base opinions, recommendations and reports on facts, figures and sound analytical skills and not on hearsay or speculation
  • Lead with principle and by example in thought, deed and word
Business Objectives:
  • Make above-average profits by providing value-added consultancy and performance to clients
  • Expand the business aggressively
  • Use inspirational leadership and innovative consultancy to make a difference and excite clients to embrace change
Business Goals:
  • Achieve revenue of KShs 30 million by 2013
  • Achieve an IPO consultancy appointment by 2014
  • Achieve a client base which includes 10 highly rated performance oriented companies by 2015
Background: More than a decade ago, the UN published a World Economic Outlook which predicted a downturn in economic growth and prosperity. Despite this and all the warning signals, the world was plunged into a global financial meltdown the impact of which is likely to be felt for the next decade. Consequently, people have been led to believe that 1) risk is bad and should be avoided 2) risk managers and risk management failed. In fact, taking risks remains essential to the success of organisations the world over. Investors, especially banks failed to correctly apply risk management principles and made fundamental mistakes:
  • Investors including banks, were risk-aggressive and made decisions on rewards available, without an accurate quantification of the level of risk involved.
  • The banks assumed that:
    • re-packaged debts, including sub-prime mortgages, would continue to be tradable commodities. Instead overstated asset values plunged downwards while repayment defaults shot upwards.
    • Short term borrowing on the wholesale money markets would continue to be available to fund long-term lending at a more profitable rate. The wholesale money markets collapsed.

Taking these developments into consideration, the liberalization of developing economies, the volatility of financial investment centres and the impact of emerging markets on the ongoing evolution of global trade has provided an opportunity to OnQ Solutions to expand its horizons beyond the normal services offered by a professional financial consultancy organisation. Our moderate risk appetite, high capacity and limited exposure allows us to offer the best consultancy services.