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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) involves the identification and evaluation of significant risks, assignment of ownership, completion and monitoring of mitigating actions to manage these risks within the risk appetite of an organisation.

ERM outputs are the provision of information to management to improve business decisions, reduce uncertainty and provide reasonable aassurance regarding the achievement of the objectives of an organisation.

ERM impacts are to improve efficiency in the delivery of services, improve allocation of resources, capital to business improvement, create and add shareholder value and enhance risk reporting to stakeholders.

OnQ Solutions engages in ERM through consultancy on risk assessment, analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and reporting.

The terms of reference can include defining the risk architecture, strategies and protocols to be put in place so that a value at risk orientation and a risk aware culture is embedded in the clients' organisations. The scope includes hazard, control and opportunity risks and recommends action on loss prevention, damage limitation and cost containment for all short-term, medium-term and long-term risks identified for tolerance, treatment, transference or termination.

OnQ Solution's risk management discipline is founded on the following pillars:
  1. The ability to define what may happen in the uncertain future and minimize the impact of all risks by choosing the best alternatives
  2. The strategic orientation towards optimizing the risk/return trade-offs across the board of the company's risk-taking portfolios
  3. The embedding of environment, infrastructure, process and strategy in the company-wide risk management framework
  4. The responsibilities on management to identify, assess, monitor and control risk at every stage of the company's growth and progress
  5. The development and operation of a system of internal control that minimizes hazard, control and operational risks